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2020-02-14 11:24:06 -0600 answered a question Evaluate an Article exercises not showing up

Students need to click the “publish changes” buttons for any edits they make. This is analogous to a “save” button--edits are not saved in real time otherwise. For the “evaluate an article” exercise, you should be able to find the students’ work by going to the students tab of the dashboard, and then click the “edits” link under a given student’s user name. That will show all the edits the student has made to any part of Wikipedia, including the evaluate an article assignment. Another way is via the "article assignments" view of the students tab--see photo added by Ian.

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2019-12-30 11:33:01 -0600 answered a question How do I track student work?

You can track student work by looking at the "Students" tab of the dashboard. There should be a row for each student and their username, with a link to their "edits". This will bring up the list of edits that a student has made (including edits to their sandbox).

Work can also be viewed by the article from the "Articles" tab of the Dashboard. Every article (but not drafts or sandboxes) edited by the students will be visible here. Under the assessment tools columns are two icons. The first is authorship highlighting. This will bring up the current version of the article with highlighting to show each student's contribution (this is great if multiple students have worked together on the same article).

2019-12-18 14:36:30 -0600 answered a question reuse citation

Hi! To reuse a citation:

  1. Go in to edit mode
  2. Put your cursor where you'd like to insert the citation
  3. Click "cite" on the top toolbar
  4. Select the "reuse" tab on the popup box

You can then scroll through and choose the citation you'd like to insert or use the search function. Hope that helps!

2019-10-01 11:20:53 -0600 answered a question how do I find an article that isn't to broad that I can contribute to

With over 5 million articles, it's easy to get overwhelmed! I would explore the categories. For example, there's Category:Independent films and also Category:Independent film stubs. Stubs are very short articles that really need help. Selecting a stub article about a film should hopefully be narrow enough so that you aren't overwhelmed.

2019-10-01 11:10:32 -0600 answered a question if after reviewing the chosen article I've found that it simply lacks credible sources to update the article further, may I choose a new one?

Yes! That's why we recommend looking for sources before starting substantive edits. Some topics will not be suitable for Wikipedia because of a lack of reliable sources, or cannot be expanded because everything about the subject is already included in the article.