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asked 2019-10-10 14:35:52 -0500

I am writing about United Nations member Elizabeth Spehar and would like to add a picture to her profile. I have searched creative commons to see if there is a copyright free picture of her and have not been able to find one. I did find her official United Nations photo listed on on her profile. I went to post my edits to the sandbox section of my page and was not able to add her photo. Can you help me find out how? and if I cannot use that photo if there is a photo of her which I can use?

Some wikipedia bios of people have the bio on the right hand side with basic information such as where they were born and has their photo over there as well, how do I set that up? I would like for the photo and general information to be in that side document and allow the in depth sections to be in her bio and background where I can go more in depth.

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answered 2019-10-10 14:56:14 -0500

Hi! There are instructions on uploading images to Wikimedia Commons here, as well as in this training module. However before uploading anything, it's important to make sure that the image has been released under a license that would allow for its upload and use on Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia, such as the public domain and a Creative Commons license like CC-BY and CC-BY-SA. I have a little table on licenses on this page.

When it comes to infoboxes, we have information on that here.

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