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How much time do in-class activities take and how are they prepared?

asked 2019-02-27 17:19:13 -0600

I am planning a translation assignment, and I see in my timeline that the blocks of content alternate between "In Class" and "Assignment". How much time should I plan to cover those "In Class" items? Are they whole class periods? Are they of differing lengths?

Right now they're just general descriptions, plus some handouts. Is there more material somewhere, or is it up to me to develop this class day?

As an example the third week of the assignment has a module called "Translation" that's marked "In Class". This is what it says:

  • Be ready to discuss your progress translating your article.
  • Carefully note the original citations for facts in your source article.
  • If an original source doesn't seem reliable, feel free to omit it from your translation.
  • Handouts: Citing Sources and Avoid Plagiarism

Should I plan to develop a lesson around those topics using those handouts, or does some lesson already exist? And, either way, how much time should I plan for it?

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answered 2019-03-01 12:31:40 -0600

How much class time you spend on the Wikipedia assignment is up to you as the instructor. Wiki Education understands that you're balancing a lot of learning objectives, and we don't want to dictate how you spend your time with your students. That said, successful assignments devote some type of regularly scheduled class time to discuss the Wikipedia project. You can choose to do this weekly or however best suits your course. You can set it up as a lesson directed by yourself or a type of lab in which students come together to discuss the project and address any issues they may have.

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