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How should I address when my sources disagree on something basic?

asked 2018-11-19 23:14:08 -0500

I am currently writing two articles about some 19th-century artists. One artist has a name that sources have a tendency to spell differently, while the other has sources that disagree about her year of birth by a significant margin (1851 to 1867). How should I address this in my article?

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answered 2018-11-20 07:59:55 -0500

If reliable sources disagree, include both sets of information. If the majority of sources spell someone's name one way, but another source spells it differently, use the more common spelling, but include the other spelling in the article ("also spelled XXXX") and be sure to include the source.

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Great, thank you!

Sara carman gravatar imageSara carman ( 2018-11-20 17:07:11 -0500 )edit

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