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Can I use a graphic from a scholarly article on my article?

asked 2018-10-17 16:25:07 -0500

I am using a chapter from a book as my source and the chapter has a graphic created by the author that summarizes her argument, which I want to discuss in my article. Is it possible to use this image on my page or is that access restricted? I have access to the chapter pdf through permissions through my school through JSTOR.

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answered 2018-10-17 16:54:28 -0500

Figures, like text, are subject to copyright, so probably not. I recommend you take the Contributing images and media files training module, which can help sort out what sorts of images can and can't be used on Wikipedia. You can also get in touch with the Wikipedia expert assigned to your class if you need additional assistance.

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Asked: 2018-10-17 16:25:07 -0500

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