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How do I create accounts for my students?

asked 2018-08-21 11:55:22 -0500

My class has a lot of students and Wikipedia has told us that only six new accounts can be created each day per IP address. How can I get around this? I've heard that there is a way to create multiple accounts at once without going through this.

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answered 2018-08-21 12:28:41 -0500

updated 2018-08-21 13:30:20 -0500

The best way to resolve this issue is to get students to create their accounts at home prior to the class, as this provides the best and least time intensive way to create a new account. You can create multiple accounts using the account creator right on Wikipedia, however students should be primarily responsible for creating their own accounts.

The account creator right is something that was created in response to the need to create many new accounts at once, such as signing up new editors at an edit-a-thon. You do need to ask for this right, but it's an easy one to get and creating new accounts is nearly identical to the process through which students would create their accounts on their own. It's also a lot faster than putting in a request for an account via Wikipedia.

You have two options for creating an account. The first is that you or the student can fill out all of the information (password included) and press the "create account" button.

The second is that you click the button stating "Use a temporary random password and send it to the specified email address". The student will receive an email with a random password, which they will use to sign in, after which they'll be prompted to create a new account. The main visible difference is that the student won't create their password right away. This method also makes it easier for students to reset their passwords if they forget or lose them. For this reason, I recommend this method.

Here are step by step instructions on how to create an account for your students.

After logging in, go to You should see this:

image description

Enter in the preferred username. In this case, I'm using LOTRGodzilla, after two of my favorite movies.

image description

At this point you can choose to either send the password to the student (recommended) or allow them to create a password right then and there. If you're creating these without the students present, it's better to email them the password as opposed to keeping up with multiple passwords. I'm selecting the email password version, which bypasses the select password option.

Enter the student's email address. This is marked as optional in the other version, but it's still recommended for students to supply their password and validate their email so they can reset their password if needed. No worries, Wikipedia doesn't spam!

image description

In the final field, enter a reason for the account creation. It can be as simple as "Creating an account for a student".

image description

Don't worry about the two other boxes - leave those unchecked. Checking those would allow you to create accounts whose names are very similar to (or "spoof") the names of existing users as well as contain words that are in Wikipedia's blacklist. Usernames should be unique to the individual as well as free from any offensive words ... (more)

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