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using dashboard for edit-a-thon?

asked 2018-04-18 10:00:29 -0500

Hi folks,

We're running an edit-a-thon at our library in a few weeks. Talking with an organizer from another institution, she suggested using the WikiEdu dashboard to manage and oversee our event. But it doesn't look like the Dashboard support short-term events. Is there any way we can configure the dashboard to support a short-term event?

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answered 2018-04-18 11:49:51 -0500

Hi Ken,

T​h​​e​ Wikimedia​ Foundation's Programs and Events Dashboard is modeled after our course Dashboard and ​will be the best tool to help you run, manage, and track the work done at ​any of your future edit-a-thons​. Here is a guide for using that tool.

While the P&E Dashboard has editing trainings for new users, all of Wiki Education's tools and resources are available online for free for your use. Feel free to print out or link to anything that you find interesting or useful.

​Unfortunately, Wiki Education does not formally support edit-a-thons, so this is about all we can offer. ​But good luck!

-Wiki Ed Team ​

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Asked: 2018-04-18 10:00:29 -0500

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