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How do I create a new section in my sandbox?

asked 2018-01-31 08:49:42 -0600

updated 2018-01-31 09:11:35 -0600

How do I create a new section in my sandbox, article, or talk page?

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answered 2018-01-31 09:08:59 -0600

updated 2018-08-06 15:14:37 -0600

Visual Editor

To create a new section using VisualEditor, click the "edit" tab on your chosen page, be it sandbox or article. I have both VisualEditor and source enabled, so I have two tabs for each version. I recommend doing this because it makes it easier to switch between the two.

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Once in edit mode, click in the area you want your header to appear and enter the header text. Next, go to the taskbar and select the dropdown menu. This menu gives you a variety of headers that you can use on your page. To create a basic header, select "Header".

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This will give you a blank line - all you need to do now is enter the header text. Alternatively, you can click on a line of text and do the above steps to turn a line of text into a header.

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You can also create subheaders the same way.

Source mode

If you prefer source mode, you can create a new section by entering in the following text:

==New section==

This will create a header similar to the one above. To create subheadings you add an additional equals sign to each side, like this:


You can continue adding equals signs to create subsections within subsections - test it out in your sandbox!

Now if you want to know how to create a new section on a talk page, you can use the above directions for source mode, but it's easier to click the "new section" tab at the top, which will open up a new section for you.

image description

*How do I enable the VisualEditor on my account? - How do I create a subheading?

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