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Can I get my Content Expert to critique my work? Can someone at Wiki Ed review my draft?

asked 2017-07-24 01:14:59 -0600

updated 2017-07-24 18:19:14 -0600

I want to get some feedback on my draft and work so far. Can I ask my Content Expert to do that? I'd like help with my draft.

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answered 2017-07-24 01:15:10 -0600

updated 2017-08-03 13:51:34 -0600

You absolutely can! Your Content Experts would be more than happy to look at what you've done so far and give you some input and advice. You can contact them via a few different ways: e-mail or on Wikipedia. Always be sure to specify the date you need your feedback.


To contact your Content Expert via Dashboard, go to your course page. At the top will be a box that says "get help". You want to select the box that says that you have a question about editing Wikipedia. Clicking this will open up a text box where you can enter your questions or requests. Once sent, it'll go straight to your Content Expert's email! (Don't worry - their responses will be sent via email and not through Dashboard!) You can also copy and paste the e-mail address and place it into an email message if you need to send something like a screen grab or other documentation.

Remember - when you email your Content Experts, make sure to mention what class you're in so they can answer you more quickly!

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Your Content Experts also have their email addresses listed on their user pages as well!

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Your sandbox

When students enroll in a course page they will get an automatic edit made to their Sandbox that includes a "Get Help" button similar to the one on their course page.

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By clicking that "Get Help" button students can request feedback on their drafts from their content experts.

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Talk pages

If you're already on Wikipedia, you can leave a message on your Content Expert's user talk page in the same way that you would a message on a classmate's page.

You can also "ping" your Content Expert (or any other Wikipedia editor) to your draft by writing {{ping|Shalor (Wiki Ed)}}. Make sure that you include a message when "pinging" someone so they will know why you wanted them to come visit! Only do this on talk pages and your draft - never ping someone on a live Wikipedia entry.

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