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Where is my classroom's talk page?

asked 2017-07-21 08:51:45 -0500

updated 2017-07-21 11:20:18 -0500

Where is my classroom's talk page? Do we have a set discussion page?

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answered 2017-07-21 08:51:50 -0500

Unfortunately there's no set talk page for your class, so the easiest way to keep in touch with your classmates, professor, and content expert is through their talk pages. If you're working in a group, a good option would be to choose one person's talk page or that person's sandbox talk page as your main contact center. You can also tag someone in a message by posting this markup with their username: {{ping|Username}}. This gives them a notification that they should look at your message.

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Asked: 2017-07-21 08:51:45 -0500

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