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How do I add a citation? How do I add references to my article? How do I write a bibliography?

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I need help adding citations and references. How do I add a references section? How do I add an in-article citation? I can't figure it out using the Visual Editor. How do I edit a source?

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answered 2017-07-19 18:05:13 -0600

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Adding a citation or reference

Start by clicking "Edit" in your Sandbox or on the live article. Then click "Cite." image description

This will bring up a dialog box where you can drop in a URL link, book ISBN, or DOI, then hit "generate" to create a citation. You can also add a citation manually by hitting the "manual" tab of the dialog box, which will bring up the options to manually create a book, journal, newspaper, or website citation.

image description

Clicking any of these will bring up a new box with specific fields to enter, such as title, page number, issue number (for journals), and so on. Whichever way you choose to enter the citation, be it manual or automatic, after completing the citation make sure that you select "insert" to insert it into the article or draft.

Once you've made your citation you can review it. If it looks correct, click "Save Changes" and add an edit summary and your citation should be live!

Adding a references section

References will typically show up at the bottom of your article by default as long as you've added in-line citations, however to get them to show up like they do in live articles you need to add a section title called "References" with the main Heading format. Directly under this section you need to add a references template - there are a few different templates you can use, such as {{reflist}} or <references/>. If you are adding this template via VisualEditor you will produce this template by going to the insert tab and selecting the option to add a template, then writing "reflist". Once added, the template should look like this prior to saving the page:

image description

Editing a source

To edit a source to add missing information, you must be in edit mode. Clicking on the source will bring up the citation, along with an edit button:

image description

Click on the edit button. This will bring up several fields. If the field you want is present, fill it out with the necessary information.

image description

If you don't see the field that you are looking for, scroll down the pop up box until you get to the end. You'll see an option to add more information. Clicking on this will bring up a search field where you can look for the desired field. Once you see the field you want, click on it - this will bring it up as a field you can fill out.

image description

Once you have added the desired information, click on the "apply changes" button on the top right side of the citation box. This will add your changes to the citation.

image description

You can read more about adding section headers here. You can learn more about templates here.

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