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Can I clone a course that I previously taught? Is there a way to reuse a previous course page?

asked 2015-10-05 12:13:07 -0500

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updated 2017-07-28 11:52:09 -0500

Can I clone an archived course? I don't want to have to redo all my work setting up a customized assignment plan. Can I just copy / clone a course that I previously?

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answered 2015-10-05 12:13:36 -0500

updated 2017-07-22 22:36:31 -0500

You can clone a course ifit was initially created through Click 'Create New Course' from the dashboard home page. If you already have a course in the system, you will be given the option to clone that course; just update the term and course dates, and make any other changes you need to, and you'll have a course with the same timeline content as the original one.

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If you set specific due dates on any of the assignments in the timeline, you will need to update these by editing the timeline after you create the course.

Older courses that were originally created through the EducationProgram extension on Wikipedia (before Fall 2015) cannot be cloned.

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answered 2019-01-04 10:21:01 -0500

Is this still true, I don't see it.

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answered 2018-07-17 20:20:10 -0500

Has this option been removed?

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