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How do my students enroll their usernames on the dashboard?

asked 2015-10-05 12:03:36 -0500

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updated 2017-08-04 15:24:44 -0500

How do my students add their Wikipedia usernames to the course page? The site is asking me for a code. DO I get this from my instructor? How do course participants add their usernames to the course page?

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answered 2015-10-05 12:04:53 -0500

updated 2018-01-03 12:35:43 -0500

There are several ways to add a student to a course:

Option 1: Enrollment Link

The first way is for students to enroll themselves. They can do this by clicking the enrollment link for your course. The instructor received their custom enrollment link in two different emails: one automatically from the Dashboard when the course was approved, and another from the Wiki Education Classroom Program Manager when the course was approved. Yours students should click that link and they will be automatically prompted to create their Wikipedia usernames and then that username will be automatically enrolled in your course.

If you can't find those approval emails, you can access your custom enrollment link by visiting the Students tab of your course page and selecting "enrollment" - this will open up a small pop up with the information.

Option 2: Course page via passcode

The student can visit the course page and enroll from there:

  • Once they are on the course page URL, they can click 'Join course' from the Home tab.
  • They will be prompted to enter the passcode, which should be provided by the instructor. The instructor can find this passcode by visiting the Students tab of their course page and selecting the purple "enrollment" button. The passcode is also available to the instructor in the "Details" section of your Home tab of your course page.
  • If the student is already logged in, they will be added to the course immediately. Otherwise, they'll be sent to Wikipedia to log in and then get added to the course when you return.

Option 3: manual enrollment

As the instructor, you can add students directly:

  • While logged in, go to the 'Students' tab for your course, and click'Enrollment'
  • Add the username of a student and click 'Enroll'

Good luck! -Wiki Ed Team

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