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How can I edit my timeline? How can I change the language in the modules on the timeline? Can I add blocks to my timeline?

asked 2015-10-05 11:56:44 -0500

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How can I edit my timeline?

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answered 2015-10-05 11:56:55 -0500

updated 2018-07-30 15:57:40 -0500

While logged in to, your course page should appear on your "My Dashboard" home page. Select the course that you'd like to work on. You can edit your course description on the "Home" page, any of the modules on the "Timeline" of your course page page, and more.

Home tab

Home tab

If you click "Edit Description" on your "Home" tab you can provide customized information for your students about how to complete the Wikipedia project. This page uses HTML for it's coding and formatting. You can read up on some basic HTML formatting here if you're interested.

You can also "Edit Details" to adjust assignment dates, the title of your course, and more.

Timeline tab

image description

From the Timeline tab, you can "edit" each module on your Timeline, arrange the blocks on your Timeline, or adjust your course dates.

For tips on grading, see our Ask question and response here.

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To edit a module, select "Edit" on the top right corner of the module. You can only see this function if you are logged in to the Dashboard. Within each block you can complete the following:

  • Adjust the title of the block
  • Adjust the "Block type" - do you want this to appear as an assignment, an in class block, a custom block, or as a milestone?
  • Add a due date (the block type must be "assignment")
  • Check or uncheck the "Graded" box - more below on this.
  • Add or remove training modules
  • Adjust the text that appears below the training modules.

We recommend that you not remove the assigned trainings as they are there to help students complete the assignment for that module. Don't forget to click "Save" once you're done or your work will be lost!

Re-arranging my Timeline

You can also re-arrange the modules on the Timeline to fit your course needs. For example, let's say that you plan to introduce the Wikipedia assignment in your course in Week 3, but you don't want students completing the first trainings of modules from "Get started on Wikipedia" until week 4. To start, make sure you're on the Timeline tab of your course page and then select "Arrange Timeline"

image description

You can then individually drag the modules between the weeks. In this instance, we want to move "Get started on Wikipedia" down into Week 4. You can move it one module at a time down the list, until it shows up as the first assignment in Week 4. Don't forget to "Save All" and the Timeline will be updated!

You can complete this task for as many of the modules as you like, but please save often!

image description

Adding a block

You can also add a custom block to any week on your Timeline. To do so select "add block" on the relevant week.

image description

This will produce an empty block at the bottom of that week where you will be able to add any pertinent information. You should add a title, select what ... (more)

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answered 2017-07-25 11:39:43 -0500

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