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How do people typically do a little afraid of garbage entering the system (some of my students are superb...some are so so).

asked 2015-10-02 18:12:01 -0600

How do people typically do this... (some of my students are superb...some are so so).

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answered 2015-10-02 18:12:55 -0600

That's a great question. We have some instructors who offer the assignment as an extra credit or optional assignment along with a more traditional assignment. That way, only students who are really intrigued by the idea participate.

Other ideas that help protect the integrity of the Wikipedia entries are to have all of your students turn their "final drafts" into you for grading. These would be collated on each students individual sandbox (aka draft space). Then, you can select which students move their work live onto the corresponding Wikipedia page.

In general though, the majority of our courses have all of their students move their work on to Wikipedia. We encourage all students to follow up on any comments left by other editors - these comments are usually meant to improve the article, and create a truly collaborative experience for students.

In all of these cases, the student is still doing work that can be graded - reading and deciding where new information would improve the article, pulling together a collection of sources, and then drafting their ideas for new information - but the lifespan of the edits on Wikipedia is not taken into consideration for grading.

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