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How to create a new sandbox

asked 2020-02-13 15:07:50 -0500

Hi! How do I create a new sandbox or page in my userspace?

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answered 2020-02-13 15:12:16 -0500

Good question! Here are directions on how to create a new page in your userspace:

First, go to your user page on Wikipedia. You can access this by clicking on your username at the top right hand portion of the page:

image description

From there you need to edit the URL at the top of the page:

image description

From there you need to place a forward slash at the end of the URL, followed by what you want to name your new draft. It can be anything from “sandbox2” to the name of your article or the purpose for the page, such as “Becky Lynch” or “scratchpad”.

image description

Once you’ve done this, press enter. You should see something like this:

image description

You can, from there, click the create button. I have both Visual Editor and source mode enabled on my account, which is why I see both tabs. If you only have one enabled, you will likely only see a single create tab. If you’re wondering how to switch between Visual Editor and source mode while editing - or enable both, you can do that by following the instructions below:

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