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Don't panic! You should have a message on your Talk page at Wikimedia Commons (you're automatically logged into the same account for both Commons and Wikipedia) explaining why the image was deleted. Don't upload the image again without addressing the reason why it was deleted. The volunteers monitoring image uploads will be substantially less patient with multiple uploads of the same image.

If the image was deleted due to a copyright issue, make sure that you know what license the image is released under and that it is compatible with Wikipedia. Remember, all images are copyrighted automatically, so if you don't see license information assume the image is not compatible with Wikipedia.

Any image you did not take yourself requires a source link--the place where you found the image and usually where the copyright information is available. If you don't have a source link, an image may be deleted regardless of its copyright status. Likewise, every image requires license information. If you don't add license information (even if the source contains it and the license is appropriate), the image will eventually be deleted.

You can contact the volunteer administrator who deleted your image (their talk page information will be included on the image page or the message left on your talk page explaining the deletion). Just like you shouldn't re-upload the image without making any changes, you will not get very far asking the administrator to reverse their decision without a reason. "Needing the image for class" is not a persuasive reason.