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Hi! This is an excellent question!

When making large changes to an article it's advisable (plus good manners) to post to the article's talk page first to let people know what you're doing, especially when dealing with a potentially controversial or sensitive topic. Not everyone does this, which can sometimes make it necessary to ask questions on the article's talk page.

To open up a discussion you would indeed create a new section on the article's talk page. You can open the discussion up by stating that someone added content to the article and you have questions as to why this was added. When describing the additions, make sure to be specific about what additions you had questions about. For example, if someone added three paragraphs and you only had an issue with the paragraph that mentioned penguins, you would phrase your question or statement like "I have a question about the paragraph containing a claim about penguins...", so people would know what you're referring to. This can help people better answer your questions.

You can also contact your Content Expert with any questions about the content if you're concerned or if you want them to contribute to the talk page conversation.