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This depends on the type of merge you want to do. In some cases, a page should be upmerged because it's a subset of what belongs in another article, but it's conceivable that it might exist as a separate article (for example, a character in a book, or an individual match played in a sporting series). In other cases, one page is a duplicate of the other and there is no circumstance under which you would want to have two separate pages.

In the first case, information from the sub-page that's not present in the parent page can be copied over, and the prior sub-page converted to a Redirect (using #REDIRECT[[name of target]]). When doing this, make sure that the information is integrated into the new page in a balanced form. In the second case, a page duplicate, you need to ask a Wikipedia administrator to perform a History Merge. Instructions to do this are available at Wikipedia:Requests for history merge