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Writing a section that gives a proper overview of a book or film's reception in reliable sources can sometimes seem very tricky, especially since you want to avoid inserting your own interpretation into the mix. You should also try to avoid making the section simply a list of quotes from various reliable sources, as this doesn't really give a good overview of things either.

Here is an excellent overview of what you should do when writing a reception section. The basic steps are:

  1. Decide on an organizational approach, and assemble the quotes into paragraphs on that basis.
  2. For each paragraph come up with an overall statement of what the paragraph will tell the reader, and use this to create a thematic opening sentence.
  3. Within the paragraph, look for ways to use the statements to make an argument supporting the paragraph's goal.

The overview goes into this process with more detail, but this is a general guideline to what you should be considering when writing a reception section.