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You can most certainly write about a short film - the beauty of Wikipedia is that you can write a topic about anything, as long as it passes notability guidelines and in this case NFILM.

Be careful about which short film you select, however, as very few short films pass notability guidelines even if they have a notable director, cast, gain a wide release, and/or screen during a major film festival. These things do make it more likely that the short film will gain coverage - as the short films that precede notable, widely released major films typically do gain coverage.

Before you begin writing any article you should launch a search for in-depth coverage of the topic in independent and reliable sources. Avoid self-published sources like blogs, as most do not meet Wikipedia's reliable source guidelines. IMDb user ratings and Rotten Tomatoes audience scores cannot be used either.

If you can't find enough sourcing to justify an article, don't feel too let down - this is really common. There are always more films out there than places that will give them coverage.