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My recommendation would be to work on the draft in your sandbox and keep a bit of a journal while you are editing. By this I mean that you have a word document open and you cut/paste your additions there. You can also keep track of this via your contributions.

As an example, I'm going to use some of the contributions I've made under my main account, Tokyogirl79 and in particular, the edits I made to the article The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure.

By selecting two revisions on the article's history section you can compare them to show what was added to the article, in this case a source. Looking at one of the other edits, you can see where I added a claim about the book.

As for how she will be looking for the differences, the best thing to do is ask your teacher what they will be looking for. Each teacher grades differently, so they may be looking for more of a general amount of words (ie, length) rather than a specific word count. When it comes to printing, printing out the article before and after wouldn't be a bad idea. You could use a highlighter to show your specific changes as a whole, if you liked.