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As long as statements are clearly marked as quotes, you shouldn't worry about plagiarism, but you do have to worry about copyright. Wikipedia has clear rules about the ways in which non-free content can be used in articles. 'Free content' is a core principle of Wikipedia; the inclusion of non-free content impinges on that, and the benefits of including that content must more than make up for the cost. Simply providing readers with the information is insufficient cause - the organization's principles can be just a click away (should you choose to provide that link). Another issue here is the use of the subject of the article as a key source for the article; sources should be independent.

My recommendation would be to include the principles as part of a discussion supported by independent secondary sources. If you do that you can quote each principle directly as part of a discussion of the significance and meaning of the principle. Not only does this meet the guidelines for using non-free content, it also provides substantial additional value to readers.