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If you know what articles your students edited (which you should be able to see from the dashboard or from their contribution history on Wikipedia) you can look at the article's history page and see what edits people made. Sometimes it's simple, especially if they just made one edit. At other times it can get a little tricky.

If you look at the edit history of the Motor protein article, you will see four edits by your student, Caoyanyang. However, between their third and fourth edit, there's an edit by a bot which made a small change of its own. If you use the radio buttons to the left of the list of its, you can compare several edits at one. Clicking on the radio button next to the edit before your student's first edit and the button next to their third edit, you can see the changes they made over the course of three edits. This doesn't solve the whole problem - it doesn't let you compare all four edits at once, but it is much easier than looking at each edit separately.

In this case, I would actually look at all four edits and the edit by the bot, all at once. So I would start with the radio button next to the edit before Caoyanyang's first edit, and click the one last to their last edit, and compare that series of edits. It's reasonable in this case because all the bot did was fix a little formatting error. Sometimes it gets more complicated, especially when you have many intercalating edits. But most of the time it is easy, even when you have a whole series of edits like you have here.