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The dashboard uses Wikipedia's OAuth system to let you log in using your Wikipedia identity. There are a few ways in which the login process can go wrong. How to fix it depends on which error code you see:

  • "Insufficient OAuth user rights, E007" — This probably means that you are trying to log in from somewhere with a blocked IP address. (It could also mean that your Wikipedia account has been blocked, but that's unlikely to happen without you being informed). This often happens with university IPs that have historically been the source of Wikipedia vandalism.
  • "E008" — This means that your account has not yet been linked to the central Wikimedia account system. (This is a Wikipedia bug that should not affect newly created accounts.) While logged in to your Wikipedia account, you should visit You should be logged in there with the same account. After that, return to the dashboard and try to log in again.

If something else happened, please leave a comment and/or get in touch with Wiki Ed staff! If you aren't seeing any error code at all, please provide as much detail as you can. Both Wikimedia Foundation and Wiki Education Foundation are working on improving the reliability of this login system.