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Wikipedia prevents anonymous editors (those editing without an account) and very new editors from making changes to certain articles, usually because those articles are common targets for vandalism.

If your account is less than 4 days old and has fewer than 10 edits of any kind, you will not be able to edit semi-protected pages or add external links to articles without filling in a CAPTCHA. In order to reach autoconfirmed status all you have to do is make edits to non-protected pages until you reach ten edits. These can be small or large edits and they can also be edits to talk pages or to your sandbox.

It is difficult to check whether or not your account is autoconfirmed directly, so check your contributions page (available in the top links at the top of any page while you are logged in) to see if you have 10 edits.

If your account has more than 10 edits and has been registered for more than four days and you still cannot edit semi-protected pages, let your professor and your Content Expert know. In very rare cases this can happen and your account may need to be manually confirmed.