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First thing: don't panic! Nothing will happen to your account or your content just because you received a warning. The warning should include information on the page where an editor found a problem, what the problem was and how (if applicable) to fix it.

The most important thing to do at this stage is to stop, read the warning and make sure you understand it. The worse response is to continue editing the same page after receiving a warning, because an editor will assume you read the warning, understood it and continued with the same behavior despite the concerns they raised.

If you don't understand what the warning means or don't understand what you did to cause it, you can ask on your Talk page, or the Talk page of the editor who sent you the note. If they do not respond to you, or you still don't understand why they sent you the warning, ask your content expert or your professor for help.

Sometimes warnings are not left by human editors but by robots patrolling for common errors. If the account leaving you the messsage has the word "Bot" somewhere in their name (usually but not always at the end of their name, e.g. "ClueBot"), the message is automated and you won't receive a reply. Feel free to direct your question to your content expert instead.

Once you have read and understood the warning message, you can delete it from your talk page if you prefer.