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  • If you want your staff to edit articles about your organization (or people associated with it), this would widely be considered inappropriate. The best course of action would be to clearly identify your organizational affiliation on your user page, and then suggest edits on the talk page of the article in question (while explicitly noting your potential COI, and citing a reliable source that supports the information you'd like to contribute).
  • If you want staff to edit articles about a topic your organization specializes in, this can be tricky because of paid editing guidelines. That said, if you're generally encouraging staff to contribute content on your discipline as a broad field during work time, you shouldn't have any problems. Staff should still disclose their affiliation on their user page to be 100% safe.
  • If you are concerned about members of your organization editing Wikipedia through your initiative, you would not be held accountable for individuals' actions. We'd encourage you to highlight COI and best practices (like putting your affiliation on the user page), but members should be fine.
  • You should not encourage (or direct) your staff or members to include a specific perspective within an article. This defies Wikipedia's Terms of Use and is taken very seriously by Wikipedia editors.