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Scholars and sponsors are connected in one of two ways. Sometimes Wiki Ed will be in touch with a highly qualified potential Scholar interested in a particular topic area. We then reach out to institutions and libraries with holdings related to that topic area, and attempt to make a connection. More often, we work with institutions to call for applicants in specific subject areas. It's often based on the library's strengths, but can be tied to a sponsoring department or institutional mission. The application in turn asks Scholars to speak to their own interest in, and experience with, those subjects.

The topics should be of mutual interest. Broad topic areas are likely to attract more interested Wikipedians, but be as specific as you care to be.

The Scholar cannot, however, promote the university or its financial interests. In general, the Scholar should not be asked to dedicate time to articles about the university, its centers, or faculty; they should not be asked to add citations to faculty publications (although the Scholar is not prohibited from doing so, in cases relevant to the topic area). These restrictions are on account of Wikipedia's conflict of interest policy.