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The Wikipedia Visiting Scholars program is a low-intensity way to increase the impact of your library holdings while contributing to public knowledge. As an unpaid position, financial overhead is only the cost of granting the Scholar access to library resources, and a flexible amount of the host's (ie, the sponsor's) time. Don't feel pressured to dedicate more time to this program than you your institution is comfortable with. You decide how often you discuss progress with the Scholar. Some sponsors grant Scholars nearly full autonomy to do what they're good at: improving Wikipedia in predetermined topic areas. Communication can be as infrequent as a check-in at the beginning and end of the term. Other times, the sponsor and/or Scholar may wish to interact more regularly.

Some Scholars look forward to working with staff, who can help them find sources or conduct research (all Scholars are experienced Wikipedians, but not all of them have experience with library resources). We suggest a check-in every month or two, with other communication on an as-needed basis. Again, it's up to you.