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Like any new assignment, the first time you implement a Wikipedia assignment into your course it will take more prep time and more overall time than an assignment you're comfortable with and have been using for years.

Once you read through our “Instructor Basics” handbook and go through out assignment design tool, however, you will be better able to visualize the overall assignment and your involvement. The instructor training and assignment design should take you about 90 minutes to complete. After that, the way you discuss and use the assignment in your lectures are up to you.

We recommend the writing assignment occurs over an 8-12 week period throughout the term, with one homework assignment each week. The length of the assignment is adjustable, and can be changed online when you design your course. Typically, we do not recommend assignments that are less than two weeks.

We recommend that you spend some time in class discussing the assignment. Usually, this is one class period introducing the assignment, and then smaller follow ups throughout the remainder of the term based on suggestions from your course dashboard timeline. Some instructors like to have one day where students work live in the classroom, can ask each other questions, and have you review their work. (We cover some of this in our instructor basics brochure). Using your course dashboard will help streamline the way you track student work. But like any assignment, peer review and instructor review take time to manage and execute. At the end of the day, it's important to remember that good work takes time and patience.