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The Wikipedia Conflict of Interest (COI) policy discourages those close to a topic from editing about that topic. This includes family, friends, employers, or other financial or personal relations to an article topic. This is a great opportunity to discuss the tendency for biases in our work, even when we do our best to avoid them. As this policy tries to make clear, "that someone has a conflict of interest is a description of a situation. It is not a judgment about that person's state of mind or integrity."

In the case of citations, this policy still holds true. However, if the student can show that your research, along with other sources in your subject expertise, belongs in the top sources on a page through the Wikipedia notability guidelines, then the student shouldn't have a problem. We recommend you always denote potential COI on your user page. If you're particularly worried about the students' experience in adding content from your publications, you may ask them to post the content on the article talk page instead. They should include the caveat that they know the author and include an argument for why this is the best source for their proposed contribution.