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Articles for Creation (or AfC) is a process where drafts written in your sandbox or on a Draft page are reviewed by editors to see if they are suitable for mainspace (where you'd see a normal Wikipedia article). This allows editors to work on drafts at their own pace and have them reviewed and moved by another editor.

To place your article in a queue for review, you can add {{subst:submit}} at the top of your draft page using the wikicode editor (not the Visual Editor). This will add a template showing the review status at the top of your page.

AfC is a slow process. There are dozens of new articles every week added to AfC and only a small group of editors regularly reviewing submissions. This means you may wait days or weeks to have your article reviewed.

You can also ask your content expert for review of your article by contacting them on their talk page or via email. We will generally respond much more quickly than editors working the AfC queue and can offer more help and support if your article needs some improvements before it is ready for prime-time.