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How do I view my students' work?

asked 2016-12-01 11:52:52 -0500

I can see where to click on “Students” and see a list of them, but I can’t understand what I get when I click on “user contributions.”

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answered 2016-12-01 13:29:46 -0500

As of December 2016, there are several ways to view your students' work: on Wikipedia, from the Students tab, and from the Articles tab of your course page.

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Viewing student work on Wikipedia

Starting from the Students tab, if you click the username of a student (or the 'View full contribution history on Wikipedia' link when you've zoomed in on an individual student) you'll be taken to a list of every edit that student has made, with the date/time, page title, how much content was added or removed, and edit summary that the student left with the edit.

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Click on one of the individual "diff" links to see exactly what was added or removed in that edit.

Viewing recent edits directly from the Students tab

If you've zoomed in on an individual student, the "User Contributions" table lists up to 10 of the most recent edits the student made. (Unlike the Wikipedia page of contributions, this one filters out automatic edits that were made by the dashboard on the student's behalf.) Click 'Show' to see a "diff" for the edit, which highlights what changed: old content on the left in red and new content on the right in green.

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Viewing cumulative changes from the Articles tab

You can also go to the Articles tab to review your students' work article-by-article. Click to zoom in on one of the Articles Edited, and you'll see who edited it as well as a button to "Show Cumulative Changes".

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This shows a diff that combines all of the changes to the article since the first one made by your students. You can also click the "View diff on wiki" button to go to Wikipedia, where you can see how the article looks to readers and navigate to older or newer versions of the article.

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